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 Download application forms

Application forms for the documents issued by the Spain Management Authority are available for download in PDF format here. 

Please note:
  • The application forms can be completed on your computer, or by hand, using block capitals. Application forms should be printed out and signed, and subsequently submitted to the SOIVRE Inspection Services personally, by e-mail, post, or fax.
  • All application forms should include the relevant CITES documents required in each case, e.g., invoices, CITES certificates of origin, receipt for payment of CITES fees, etc.
  • Payment of CITES fees, if applicable (Law 32/2007).
  • Imported, exported, or re-exported goods should be accompanied by original CITES documents at all times.
  • If the shipment for import, export, or re-export contains several species, or different products from a single species, one or more Annexes may be attached. 
Application forms can also be submitted on-line if you have a digital certificate. This option is recommend to expedite procedures and avoid having to print out documents, which can be sent as attachments to the application. This method requires electronic payment of CITES fees.
​​Type of Form    Purpose                                 

​​ CITES Fee (€)

Application form     

Import Permit

Preliminary Import Permit
Export Permit/Re-export Certificate
Certificate of Personal Ownership
Import, export, or re-export of specimens of species listed in Annex A, B, or C




SOLICITUD permiso-certificado FORMULARIO 


Annex to permit/certificate For import, export, or re-export of more than one specimen Depends on the number of species    ​


​Import​ Notification Import of specimens of species listed in Annex C or D ​-


EU​ Certificate
Specimens of species included in Annex A. Only valid within the EU.


Travelling Exhibition Certificate
Live specimens that form part of a travelling exhibition (e.g., a circus)

C exhibicion itinerante (solicitud) 


Species Under Control Inspection Document (DIESAC)

Inspection to determine whether the shipment contains CITES specimens.


DIESAC MEIC_editable  


Subd. Gral. de Inspección, Certificación y Asistencia Técnica del Comercio