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 Navigation Guide


What is a Web Navigation Guide for?

To make accessing the information easier.

This guide contains and defines the following:

  • The navigation design and the different areas of the screen.
  • The content structure
  • The development criteria as regards compliance with standards and accessibility.


Given the distribution of the information on theCITES .es home page, the following sections can be defined: 

Imagen de la página inicial del portal
  1. The page header shows the Ministry of Ministerio de Economí y Competitividad and Secretariat of State and Trade logos with links to their websites, and a tools menu at the top with the contents in different languages and a key word content search engine.
  2. The centre of the page includes the Menus for accessing the website's six main channels: The Agreement, Permissions and Certificates, Authorities in Spain, Useful Information, Legislation and Functions.
  3. In the footer: The different help options and information sources include: Navigation Guide, Accessibility, Contact Us, Site Map, Legal Notice and links to the W3C .


Pursuant to the Information Society Services and e-Commerce Act, we are working to improve accessibility of the cites website.

The World Wide Web Consortium - W3C Standards

All pages on the official CITES (convention on the international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora) site ( meet all of the priority 2 verification points (level AA conformance) defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG ) by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI ) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

For more information on Trade content accessibility, see the website's accessibility section. 

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