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  4. CITES Fees


The fee schedule for processing and issuing applications for CITES documents is detailed in (17 Kb) the second provision of Law 32/2007; the fee schedule has not been modified since its publication: LOXODONTA AFRICANA.GIF
  • CITES import permit for up to 4 species: 20 €, plus 5 € for each additional species.
  • CITES export permit for up to 4 species: 20 €, plus 5 € for each additional species. 
  • CITES re-export permit for up to 4 species: 20 €, plus 5 € for each additional species.
  • Personal Ownership Certificate for up to 4 species: 30 €, plus 5 € for each additional species. 
  • Certificate for intra-Community use (EU CITES Certificate): 20 €.
  • Travelling Exhibition Certificate: 10 €.
There is no charge for the issue of CITES Import Notifications, or for Preliminary Import Permits.
Official organizations and institutions belonging to any Public Administration are exempt from payment of the aforementioned charges.
There are two forms of payment:
  • Applicant submits application form and payment electronically, using a digital certificate. 
  • Applicant submits application form in person, in which case a "CITES Fee" payment form (Form 790) should be obtained from one of the SOIVRE Inspection Services at the Territorial or Provincial Directorates for Trade. A separate form is required for each CITES permit or certificate application. Following payment of fees, the copy of the bank payment form marked "Copy for the Administration", together with all necessary documents, should be submitted to the SOIVRE Inspection Services
colmillos de marfil en bruto (Loxodonta africana) © Aut. Adm. CITES
Recommendations for applicants submitting an application form in person:
  • By way of information, see this example of   "CITES fees"  form (676 kb) (not valid for making payment).  
  • The original document should be submitted when making payment of fees.
  • Do not fold the forms. Bear in mind that these forms are self-copying; avoid writing or filling out other documents on top of them.
  • Submit the completed, signed form at any designated bank that accepts payment of taxes and levies (most Banks, Savings Banks, Credit Cooperatives).
  • Applicant shall keep the copy marked "applicant's copy" as proof of payment. 
  • If you have paid less than the amount due, you will have to fill out another form. Tick the box marked "Supplementary self-assessment", and indicate the receipt number of the original payment before paying the amount required to make up the correct amount.
  • If you have paid more than the amount due, you should write to the SOIVRE Inspection Service where you submitted your CITES application form requesting reimbursement.  
Subd. Gral. de Inspección, Certificación y Asistencia Técnica del Comercio